Armillary Sphere Crescent Sundial

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The Armillary Sphere Crescent Sundial is hand-crafted from solid brass. The sundial is designed as a focal point in a garden design. Created exclusively for ORNAMENTI, this brass sundial takes the form of a half, or open, armillary sphere in a crescent shape set on a cruciform base. The sundial is supplied fully assembled. For recommended sundial plinths see below.

The sundial’s hour band (or equator band) is engraved with Roman numerals so the time can be told by simply looking at where the sun casts a shadow from the gnomon onto the hour band. The position of the shadow changes as the sun moves across the sky. Obviously, any sundial needs to be positioned in a location where it will be in direct sunlight.

Hand-crafted in the UK by a member of the renowned British Sundial Society, each sundial is engineered to tell sun time wherever you are in the country. The sundial can also be personalised, at extra cost, with an engraved inscription on the hour band above the Roman numerals. ORNAMENTI also welcomes the commissioning of custom armillary sphere sundials to meet individual requirements.

Evo-Stik Gripfill (or similar) can be used to secure the Armillary Sphere Crescent Sundial to a pedestal.

  • Solid Brass
  • Hand-crafted in the UK
  • Exclusive to ORNAMENTI

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