New ORNAMENTI garden ornaments for 2023

ORNAMENTI has launched a wonderfully eclectic collection of new designs for Spring. All are in stock and ready to order, like the vast majority of ORNAMENTI garden ornaments. So, if you are looking for a design to enhance a garden or landscape, you know who to contact! All designs were commissioned by, and are exclusive to, ORNAMENTI.

New garden ornament designs for Spring include:

Obelisks – We have added a Garden Obelisk (height: 2000mm) and a Landscape Obelisk (height: 2500mm) to our collection. Seemingly never out of fashion, obelisks feature in many fine gardens and landscapes and have become icons of English garden design. Ideal for use singly as a focal point in a garden or as a pair, either side of an entrance or path. Carved from Limestone, similar in appearance to Portland Stone.

Ball Finials – Available in three sizes (Small Ball Finial 300mm, Ball Finial 400mm and Large Ball Finial 500mm). Traditionally, a stone Ball Finial would be positioned on top of a gate pier either side of an entrance or garden path. Ball Finials are now also used at ground level alongside garden paths or either side of garden furniture, on grass verges to delineate a boundary or discourage parking. Carved from Limestone, similar in appearance to Portland Stone. Ball Finials are versatile object d’art, used by both interior and garden designers either solo or in combination with other Ball Finials of different sizes.

Georgian Pedestal – An elegant design, carved from natural Limestone, similar in appearance to Portland Stone. Although designed for use in conjunction with one of the Armillary Sphere Sundials offered by ORNAMENTI, the Georgian Pedestal can also be used as a plinth for a suitably sized bust, statue or vase. The Pedestal is circular in section and incorporates elements of the Tuscan order of architecture whose popularity in England dates from the Georgian period.

Château Planters – The Château Planter collection is in the style of the famous antique planters at the Palace of Versailles near Paris. The frame of each Château Planter is constructed from galvanized steel with cast iron finials, all powder coated in an attractive sage green colour. The removable side panels are faced with Accoya wooden slats. The ingenious Château Planter design allows for all side walls to be easily removed so soil can be replaced and root balls inspected – vital if investing in expensive plants and trees and wanting to ensure they survive and thrive long-term. Available in three standard sizes: Small Château Planter, Château Planter and Large Château Planter. 3.23