Pottery Product Guide

To ensure you can enjoy your glazed pottery designs for many years to come, please follow the advice below. ORNAMENTI cannot accept responsibility for breakage or cracking if any of the following instructions and recommendations are ignored.

Protect From Frost

Glazed pottery does not like frost. Only unglazed pottery designs in natural black clay are frost resistant. This is because the residual humidity contained in the glazed pottery can expand in the event of strong frost and cause irreparable damage. There are a number of precautions you can take to prevent this:

Bring Your Pottery Inside During Winter

During the winter months, or whenever there is a risk of hard frost, you must bring your glazed pottery inside – maybe into a garage, shed or other garden building. If the pottery is heavy, try moving it in a hand truck or wheelbarrow. Just be careful not to drop or chip the pottery – which is why we recommend two people lifting and good protection inside the hand truck or wheelbarrow such as carpet, hessian sacks, polystyrene or layers of cardboard.  

Less effective solutions include: raising your glazed pottery design off the ground so that it is away from the frozen earth whilst also covering it under a protective winter sheet; planting into a plastic plant pot inside the pottery design so that earth will not freeze next to the internal pottery walls; and making sure the pottery planter is free draining because waterlogged soil is bad for plant health and can freeze at low temperatures. However, these solutions only stand a chance of working where freezing occurs only rarely and at temperatures not falling below -5°C. The only guaranteed solution is to bring your pottery inside each winter or…

The Best Solution

The best solution is to enjoy your glazed pottery design all year round where it is best suited – inside an orangery, conservatory or garden room. Or inside a living space such as a hallway, drawing room or swimming pool. In a commercial project, glazed pottery designs are ideal for atriums, retail, hospitality or leisure venues, airports and hotels. Alternatively, ORNAMENTI has a large collection of planters in Terracotta, Zinc and Lead that are all frost resistant.

Dimensions and Colours

Please note that, as a genuine artisan-made design, each pottery product is truly unique with the size, patination and colour of each design varying slightly from the description, dimensions and photograph(s) shown. In particular, the patina of each design might be darker or lighter than the images on this website or on display in our showroom/showgarden. In addition, the depth of colour for unglazed designs will vary according to location and climate – interior or exterior, rain or sunshine. No two products are identical. This is intentional as it adds to the charm of the pottery designs which do not look artificially uniform in colour.

Issued: 2/22. Updated 11/23