Armillary Sphere Sundial

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The Armillary Sphere Sundial is a large 5-ring sundial design manufactured exclusively in the UK for ORNAMENTI from solid wrought iron. A major statement piece in a garden or landscape, the sundial is supplied fully assembled and hand painted in a light green Verdigris colour, distressed and deliberately oxidised (rusty), giving the design an increasingly aged patina.

The sundial’s hour band (or equator band) is engraved with Roman numerals so the time can be told by simply looking at where the sun casts a shadow from the gnomon onto the hour band. The position of the shadow changes as the sun moves across the sky. Obviously, any sundial needs to be positioned in a location where it will be in direct sunlight.

The distressed Armillary Sphere Sundial would make a very special and different present. For recommended sundial plinths see below. Over time, the rusty patina of this design will develop as part of the natural aging/oxidisation process.

Fixing screws supplied are supplied so that the Zinc Armillary Sphere Sundial can be secured to an existing or new pedestal.

  • Solid Wrought Iron with distressed finish
  • Hand-crafted in the UK
  • Exclusive to ORNAMENTI
Weight Length Width Height
12.5KG N/A 750mm 930mm
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